Iyer case published by digital CME team

Priyanka Iyer, MD, MPH, associate in Immunology, had her case study, “A Real Pain in the Neck,” published by Healio, a collaborative, interactive information and education site for health care specialists, as part of their Ace the Case series. This past May, Iyer presented the same case study at the 30th annual Iowa Rheumatology Symposium during the Mini Thieves Market portion of the program.

The case Iyer presented centers around a former patient she had treated who was experiencing consistent dull pain spread throughout their head, neck, shoulders, and upper chest. Using the description of the patient’s symptoms, medical history, and a spinal X-ray, readers on Healio will get to diagnose and “treat” the patient.

In Iyer’s case, the patient had crowned dens syndrome, an inflammatory condition characterized by the deposit of calcium pyrophosphate dihydrate (CPPD), causing neck stiffness, fever and a halo-like density on the top and sides of the second cervical vertabra.

The Ace the Case series is a form of continuing medical education (CME) that Healio offers to health care specialists by walking the reader through past cases and how to diagnose each case. As with Iyer’s case study, the specialist seeking CME will read case details and try to diagnose and treat the patient correctly by answering a series of online quiz questions.

Healio is a specialty clinical information website offering a wide variety of platforms for health care specialists to share and interact with medical news. The site includes dynamic multimedia, reporting, and educational activities in a variety of media formats.


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